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My first memory of a party was one my Mom had when I was 5 years old. It was a Halloween party and I watched all of the decorations go up and saw all of the food that was there. As I watched all of the guests come I watched from my room and saw how much fun everyone was having and all of the smiles. My Mom has always been a big inspiration since then with her enthusiasm for Holidays. I helped with her a lot, and I loved it! When I got older, I planned several parties a year and it was never a chore. Soon, friends asked me to help with their wedding plans and I began to do special event planning for my friends and family for fun. In my adult years through all of the planning,  my best friend Dawn was always by my side.


My first spark in the world of event planning started when I was about 12 years old. My Mom was asked to assist in planning and hosting a party for a friend. I helped in decorating, setting up and serving the guests. I thought it was pretty cool to see everyone having fun and commenting on the decorations we did. Later, I got a side job with a wonderful lady I met through work. Every year, I would help her with the parties she planned. I would serve the food and drinks, decorate, and make sure the party went off as planned. It was nice to see her mingle with her friends/family and actually enjoy the party herself.  Around this time, I met my best friend, Mary and soon found that we were like two peas in a pod. We both loved to plan events and make them memorable. We ended up planning several parties over the next 10 years and had a blast every time. The excitement of planning an event and seeing the joy in a person’s face won’t ever get old. I love making people happy.

How We Became The Party Queens

We have been best friends for about half of our lives. We met and became inseparable almost immediately enjoying Karaoke, Music and Dancing. Some of the best times we have spent together have been while planning the numerous amount of parties we have done. We enjoyed the different themes and ideas we could put together. Every time there was something unique and amazing! We talked through the years about going pro. The only thing we needed was to agree to put it on paper. So on Feb 3, 2016, WE DID IT! Even though we were already known as such, we officially became “The Party Queens”!


We offer party and event planning and coordination, from setup to breakdown, with exceptional services to add more for your event than just the dollar for our services.

We go above and beyond.

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